Thank you for taking your time out to visit my site. I hope that it is both easy to understand and informative.

This website is currently under development. If this idea becomes a company it will be able to purchase properties for those who:
  • do not want,
  • are unable to get, or
  • are unable to afford
a mortgage. This can be due to anything from lack of stable employment to an unwillingness to get into debt and repay huge amounts in interest.

Until the site becomes operational and gets a permanent website I have decided to keep it under wraps, as no doubt any company that lends money to purchase properties would probably disagree with its' purpose and attempt to stop it.

What you see here is merely the information that a prospective member may need to make a decision about whether to join or not, details possible future services and some helpful advice. The only areas left to be completed are the Join/Log-in area, database (to securely store, extract and sort all of the information needed), constitution and Product Disclosure Statement. Once the Product Disclosure Statement has been completed it will be available on the web-site for anyone to download. The Join/Log-in area has some mock-up screens there to show what it will eventually look like.

If you are interested in information about the company, have any questions, or want to be advised when it is up and running then you can send me an e-mail by clicking on Contact Me or by going to the Contact Form.

To enter the MAIN web-site please click on the icon below and enter your username and password.

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Thank you.